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CFLS students' Speech Series Report 14 - Fight with Virus

(Summary description)

CFLS students' Speech Series Report 14 - Fight with Virus

(Summary description)

  I'm Katherine from Class One Grade Eight,Changchun Foreign Language School.

  We're fighting with the Corona Virus at present. Many people rushed to the front line, day and night, trying to save every patient's life, Regardless of their own lives. They're trying hard to stop a tragedy all over the world. They are the greatest and loveliest people in China, and they are heroes in the world forever. We shall respect them and hope they come back safe and sound.To keep away infection of the virus, we should wash hands regularly and wear masks outside, open the window to keep air fresh, eat more fruit and vegetables and take more exercise to keep ourselves strong. We'd better stay home and not go to the places where are crowded.The new experience makes us strong. We believe we'll beat the virus in a near future, no one will die in the following days, and everyone will be better.

  English speech: Come on,Wuhan! Come on, China!

  Speaker: Guan Yuhui, Class 2, Grade 8

  Instructor: Liu Zhiming

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