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CFLS students' Speech Series Report 16 - Brave 2020

(Summary description)

CFLS students' Speech Series Report 16 - Brave 2020

(Summary description)

  My name is Li Zhonghan. I’m from Grade 8, CFLS. I like reading books and newspapers. These days many stories of heroic doctors got me really impressed. Their behaviors have well demonstrated the meaning of giving.

  Two months ago, the outbreak of the new coronavirus completely changed every Chinese's life.

  A letter of request, a red handprint and a signature bring us back to the beginning of the outbreak. This battle gives the Spring Festival a different meaning. In the hospital, in the ambulance, in the shelters, even on the streets, medical staff are everywhere. Because of them , we have confidence to defeat the disease. They are the guardians of the patients. They’re worthy of our respect, they are our role models.

  Spring is coming, new term has begun. Almost 250 million students have started their journey of studying online at home. Every one of us seats carefully in front of screens, all the teachers have become the most popular net stars.

  Isolate the virus, but not the love. We may get sick, our city may get sick, but a brave nation will never ever get sick. Because we Chinese have national belief , we Chinese have national spirit and we all have determination to win.

  English speech: Brave 2020

  Speaker: Li Zhonghan, Class 7, Grade 8

  Instructor: Zhong Lina

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