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CFLS kicks off school military training

(Summary description)

CFLS kicks off school military training

(Summary description)

  August is the beginning of the new academic year,but also for the new students of Changchun Foreign Language School, the beginning of August means the start of the military training course.

  For many students who have just entered the high school, the very first lesson they learn is that military training is indeed a hard experience. It is not surprising that some new students feel hard to stand it.

  Military training is intended to improve the willpower of new students, so that they can understand the value of persistence, and develop endurance and the necessary spirit to bear hardships and hard work. Military training can not only help new students integrating into school life and into the "first class of the new term," but also is an excellent opportunity for students to improve themselves.

  Our school invited excellent instructors from the Aviation University Air Force to give strict military training to the students. During the military training, the instructors were of high standards and strict requirements. They took great pains to demonstrate the standard movements for the students and correct the wrong actions.

  The freshmen in our school have gradually developed good living habits, the character of self-reliance and self-improvement, a strict sense of discipline and a strong sense of collective honor.

  The smooth progress of military training is inseparable from the continuous efforts of leaders and teachers. Every head teacher not only pays attention to the military training of the students, but also gives the students meticulous care in life. During the military training, the cohesion of the class was greatly enhanced. The students highly approve of their teachers and enhance their sense of belonging and identity.

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