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Taking responsibility to do manual work

(Summary description)

Taking responsibility to do manual work

(Summary description)

  During the epidemic of Covid-19, our students have proactively participated in fundraising, exercising and online learning, fully demonstrating their responsibility awareness, selflessness and self-discipline.We have also witnessed students showing their responsibility and being more grateful for what they have through experiences of doing housework.

  Manual work is perhaps the most fundamental practical activity. Stuedents need to gain hands-on skills and experiences to understand the meaning of doing manual work and, appropriately, household chores are therefore an important part of their education.Vasil Suhomlinski, a famous Humanistic Educator, once said that education without labor-related knowledge is incomplete.

  On 20th March 2020, the State Council and Central Committee of Communist Party of China released Opinions on the Strengthening Labour Education in Primary, Secondary and Colleges in the New Era. According to this regulation, all schools across the country should conduct practical activities of labour education and families play a vital role in promoting labour education at home.

  Doing household chores is an important aspect of practising the principles of labour education. It can directly help students get involved in manual work and take their responsibility for the maintenance of their homes, which will help them prepare for homeownership,learn how to take care of themselves and their immediate surroundings.

  The words of a parent told us how to improve the enthusiasm of children to do housework."Never be afraid that they may make a mess in the initial stage of doing housework. The process of learning the elements of the task being asked of them is more important than the actual result when they are only beginners."

  Being responsible for housework is a useful aid for students becoming more independent while giving them the satisfaction of helping their family. It can also be seen as an expression of love for, and appreciation of, their family We are proud to say that housework has become a part of our students' independent learning at home.

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