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Lijiang High School in South Korea visits CFLS

(Summary description)

Lijiang High School in South Korea visits CFLS

(Summary description)

  From May 22 to 24, 2019, our school received a delegation of 11 teachers and students from Lijiang High School in South Korea.This exchange activity is the first exchange between the two schools since the formal signing of the cooperation agreement on December 21, 2018. Both sides attach great importance to it and have made full preparations.

  On May 22, the opening ceremony of the camp, Wang Hao, principal of Changchun Foreign Language School, Shao Jun, director of the International Department, Wang Zhongshan, deputy director, Mr. Jin Zhouwan, supervisor of Hanjiang High School, Chinese teacher Zhang Xiulian, long Ting, 8 senior high school students from Lijiang High School and 8 host family volunteers from CFLS, as well as volunteers from the student union, attended the opening ceremony.Li Simiao, a student union of our school, presided over the opening ceremony.

  Mr.Wang Hao, principal of Changchun Foreign language School, first extended a warm welcome to the teachers and students of Lijiang High School, and introduced the long history of CFLS and the unique characteristics of our school. At the same time, he expressed the best wishes for this Chinese cultural experience camp.

  Mr. Jin Zhouwan, the supervisor of Lijiang High School, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the host Changchun Foreign language School for its meticulous preparation. While looking forward to the activities in the next few days, he also kindly invited our school to visit back in 2020.

  Our student representatives spoke at the meeting in Chinese,Korean and English to express their warm welcome to the Korean friends.Students in South Korea introduced himself briefly in Chinese, which they had learned for less than two months, to express their gratitude for the warm reception of the host and his expectation for the activities in the next four days.The two sides also gave each other gifts at the opening ceremony.

  After the ceremony, volunteers from the student union of our school accompanied the Korean teachers and students to visit the school history museum, Zhou Enlai memorial hall and so on. Six students from the student union accompanied them on their tour and introduce Chinese culture in great detail in both Chinese and English.

  On the morning of May 23 and 24, Korean students walked into the Chinese classroom and experienced courses with Chinese cultural characteristics tailor-made for Korean students: brush calligraphy class by teacher Wang Dayue, Chinese class by teacher Guan Qingsheng and Wang Jiedan, handmade class by teacher Li Xinxin, 24-style Tai Chi by teacher Gao Yanjing and paper-cutting class by teacher Zhang Jianmin.

  Afterwards, eight South Korean children went to their host families with their Chinese friends for an unforgettable night to experience the authentic Chinese family life.The reception methods of each host family also have their own characteristics, and they organize a variety of fantastic activities: experience the hospitality of Chinese people and beauty of traditional Chinese Culture.

  At the farewell party held after dinner on the 24th, Mr. Jin Zhouwan, the supervisor of Hanjiang High School, and Wang Zhongshan, deputy director of the International Department of CFLS, respectively made concluding speeches to express their heartfelt thanks for what the Chinese host families have done. They are both looking forward to the next exchange.

  At the party, the students of the two schools not only performed wonderful programs with their own national characteristics, but also sang "Friends" together. In the presence of enjoyment, the students develop a deep friendship.

  The four-day Chinese Culture experience Camp of Changchun Foreign Language School in Lijiang High School in South Korea is progressing smoothly. The children learn from each other, understand each other's language and culture, establish friendship, and improve their cross-cultural understanding. They all have different gains and achieved complete success.

  Director Wang Zhongshan and Supervisor Jin Zhouwan respectively issued "Sino-Korean Peace Ambassadors" honorary certificates to every South Korean camper and Chinese host family volunteers in order to recognize and encourage the children to make positive efforts and selfless contributions to promoting exchanges and cooperation between the two schools.

  Thanks to all the participants! We hope we can get together again! Cheers for our friendship!

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