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Cooperative institutions

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Cooperative institutions

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Waseda University

  Waseda University, a top institution of higher education based in central Tokyo, has about 50,000 students in 13 undergraduate and 21 postgraduate schools. It was founded on three principles: independence of scholarship, practical application of scholarship and fostering of good citizenship. Waseda’s mission is to build leaders, and it does, producing seven prime ministers and countless other leaders in government, business, journalism, science, literature and the arts. Waseda is Japan’s most global campus, with over 7000 international students from 120 countries, and partnerships with over 800 prominent institutions in more than 80 countries.

  With 50 all-English degree programs, students can learn Japanese in parallel to their major studies, while enjoying the many benefits of living in Tokyo, one of the greatest global cities, voted the world's safest, cleanest, most hospitable city, with the world's best public transport and the most Michelin-starred restaurants. It is also one of the world’s top 3 cities for students.


Tel Aviv University

  Tel Aviv University (TAU) is a public research university - a definition that involves three fundamental elements that have shaped its development in the past and that are shaping its direction in the future. University: As an institute of higher education with a universal nature, Tel Aviv University offers the widest range of teaching and research fields in Israel, promoting interdisciplinary cooperation in its study and research programs. Research university: Tel Aviv University aims to achieve two goals at the same time - teaching and research. Recruitment and advancement of the academic faculty, academic planning, allocation of resources, study programs for advanced degrees - everything is aimed at these two combined goals. In every field and with every objective, Tel Aviv University strives for quality and service of the highest standards. Members of our academic staff have won international recognition and many of them are considered to be world leaders in their field of research. The best students in Israel seek to gain an education and a profession at TAU and to enjoy the free and lively atmosphere of the University and the city of Tel Aviv. The skillful and talented administrative staff provides the administrative and technical infrastructure. The entire university community is aware of our aspirations: academic excellence together with social responsibility.The growth of Internet sites at Tel Aviv University has been similar to the development of higher education in Tel Aviv: an abundance of local initiatives gradually woven together into an orderly and sophisticated system.


North-Eastern Federal University

  North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk (NEFU) is one of the ten Russian federal universities. Recent reforms in the Russian Federation have created a new network of federal universities. This trend towards integration and modernization in higher university education is typical of many countries. As international experience shows, additional financial support from government promotes the high quality of education and higher performance in international rankings. North-Eastern Federal University is to become a strategic center for the formation of a common cultural, scientific and educational space, based on the values of indigenous culture of the peoples of the northeast of Russia, providing quality personal education in a multiethnic environment. NEFU development program towards the year 2020, was approved by former Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on October 7, 2010.

  The following seven priority areas were identified in the Program:

  - the new quality of the university;

  - efficient environmental management and environmental security;

  - efficient use of mineral resources;

  - the use of science-based technologies and production in the North;

  - the quality of life in the North;

  - the preservation and development of languages and cultures;

  - the analytical and personnel support for innovative social and economic development of the northeastern part of the Russian Federation.


Kyung Hee University

  Kyung Hee University is a private university in South Korea with campuses in Seoul and Suwon. Founded in 1949, it is considered one of the best universities in South Korea. Kyung Hee University is part of the Kyung Hee University System, which offers comprehensive education from kindergarten through graduate school.

  As of 2018, about 33,000 students were enrolled in Kyung Hee University. The university is composed of 23 undergraduate colleges, 1 general graduate school, 13 speciality graduate schools and 49 auxiliary research institutions. The university offers a study abroad program in partnership with 434 sister universities in 69 countries.

  Kyung Hee University is known for its prestigious College of Korean Medicine, which is considered a leading school in traditional Korean medicine and other traditional Asian medical practices.


Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

  Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, commonly referred to as APU, is one of the top international private institutions in Japan. Ritsumeikan APU was established in April of 2000 in Japan. APU was created through the collaboration of three parties from the public and private sectors: Ōita Prefecture, Beppu City and the Ritsumeikan Trust.

  The university has an enrollment of about 5,850, including approximately 2,900 domestic, and 2,900 international students originating from 90 countries and regions. Half of the 172 full-time faculty members are also foreign nationals who come from more than 30 countries and regions.

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