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CFLS Selected as Japanese Teaching Experimental School

(Summary description)

CFLS Selected as Japanese Teaching Experimental School

(Summary description)


  According to the relevant provisions of management measures for the Experimental Base of Curriculum and textbook Research Institute of the People's Education Press, Changchun Foreign Languages School was successfully selected into the Japanese Teaching Experimental School.

  On the afternoon of April 20, 2021, our school held the opening ceremony of the "Middle School Japanese Teaching Experimental School" of the Curriculum and textbook Research Institute of the People's Education Press. The directors of the teaching and research departments of various disciplines and grade directors attended the meeting.



  Director Lou Shuang of the academic Affairs Office presided over the unveiling ceremony. Wang Ying, director of the Japanese Teaching and Research Office, introduced the progress of the "Middle School Japanese Teaching Experimental School" project in our school. Principal Wang Hao and Vice Principal Yang Zhongshan unveiled the "Middle School Japanese Teaching Experimental School".



  After the opening ceremony, President Wang Hao commented on the development and implementation of Japanese teaching in our school, requiring all teaching and research departments to strengthen the discipline teaching and research and strive to build an excellent team. As an advantageous discipline of CFLS, Japanese has excellent teachers, outstanding achievements in middle and college entrance examination, and remarkable achievements in sending and going abroad. Principal Wang Hao expressed his desire for Japanese teaching to take this opportunity to achieve better results.



  Changchun Foreign Languages School is one of the seven foreign language schools established under the direction of Premier Zhou in 1963. It is a unit directly under the Education Department of Jilin Province. The school adheres to the educational goal of "National Consciousness and International Vision", takes "shaping a sound personality and improving cross-cultural understanding" as its educational characteristics, pays attention to the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality, emphasizes the "global competence and global leadership" of talent training, pays attention to the cultivation of students' sense of responsibility and action, guides students to learn to study, learn to live, learn to develop, and learn to be a person, so as to lay a solid foundation for students' life-long development.

  After more than half a century of unremitting efforts, CFLS has trained a number of international and comprehensive talents who are proficient in foreign languages and both liberal arts and science, and hundreds of excellent foreign affair talents have been sent to the national government.Since the establishment of the school, Japanese has always been the superb subject of the school. Under the guidance of the school leaders, the Japanese teaching has made continuous progress and achieved remarkable results. With the joint efforts of Japanese teachers and students, students who have achieved excellent results in the College Entrance Examination have emerged one after another over the years. What's more, many outstanding graduates are recommended to study in Japanese institutions for further education, such as Waseda University and Ritsumeikan University.



  School Japanese teachers use the people's education version of Japanese textbooks in the teaching process, and constantly update the teaching content under the guidance of the "new curriculum reform"; optimize teaching methods in teaching practice. The successful selection of the "Middle School Japanese Teaching experiment School of the Curriculum and textbook Research Institute of the people's Education Publishing House" is an affirmation of Changchun Foreign Languages School's unremitting efforts in Japanese teaching for many years. It is expected that the Japanese subject of Changchun Foreign Languages School can achieve more excellent teaching results and contribute more to the Japanese education in middle schools all over the country.

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