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CFLS Senior Two | Fostering team spirit in Basketball Contest

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CFLS Senior Two | Fostering team spirit in Basketball Contest

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  Enveloped in new-born flowers, engulfed in flames of ambition

  --On the “Northern Dawn Cup”basketball contest of senior 2 students


  To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, and as a measure to promote a positive and healthy environment for campus basketball, as well as to complement students’ after school life, senior 2 of the CFLS held the 2021 “Northern Dawn Cup” basketball contest. This contest aims to provide students with an opportunity to display talent, to promote team spirit within each class. It is a true display of sportsmanship, a showcase of the competitiveness of high school students of the new era. We shall salute the centenary of the party with loyalty and good spirit.



  Incandescent sun over the blue morning sky, roar of the beast penetrates the forest. Retreat of rain unveiling the clear evening sky, spreading the wings to fly high again. The intense competition started from the very beginning, the first round between class 4 and class 8. As the whistle blew, the atmosphere quickly built up with the cheers of the audience and dedication of the players. Eventually, members of class 8 managed to prevail over those of class 4 and enter semi-finals.



  The second round was held between the combined forces of class 1, class 2 and class 3 against class 7. Multiple head teachers cheered for their students in their class’s uniform. Intensifying are the numbers on the scoreboard, they fought for every single score. In the span of 40 minutes, every player thoroughly displayed their skill and sportsmanship. In the end, accompanied by the applause of the crowd, class 7 won by 2 points, and thus entering semi-finals.



  The final match of the preliminary rounds was between class 5 and class 6. Both sides sharpen their willpower as they release their massive burst of potential. Every single player did their best to advance into the adversary side of the court. Class 5 ended up overwhelming their opponent and entered semi-finals.



  The horn of finals has sounded. Players of class 7 and class 8 enter the court under everyone’s silent anticipation. As the whistle blew, everyone could hear the basketball impacting the ground again, again and again. In this intense moment, the perceptible delay of senses struck everyone as their visuals catch up to finally see players whistling through the court like an arrow releasing all its kinetic energy given to it by the mechanical potential energy released as the elastically deformed bowstring return to its relaxed state. As if the dominators of the Earth and the heavens merging, the motion of the ball flying through the basket from outside the three-point line was lit up by what seems to be the brilliant light of a thunderstruck. Continuous cheers from the audience echoed through the gymnasium, resounding in every player’s hearts. Class 7 came out on top and became the ultimate champion.



  Students of senior 2 took the basketball court once more on the 21st of April for the all-star game. This game is mostly held between players from the liberal arts classes and players from the science classes. Every single player represents the pinnacle of their class. This undoubtedly added more hype to the match. The match concluded with victory on the liberal arts classes’ side. Actually, the lives of liberal arts students are not all phantasmagoria of the future, the crave and dedication for sports and basketball also make up a large part of it. And, even though the science students lost the match, they still won the contest. And as a matter of fact, their lives were not just boring stuffing in of knowledge, they also long for the great enjoyments of sport. The shoulder bumping at the end celebrated their successful collaboration and also served as an encouragement to both sides.

  They once experienced winds whistling by as they run across the court, experienced the fight they put up hand in hand with their teammates. They have never given up their passion and dreams. Every player that showed up on the field deserves a reward. Their accomplishment is beyond just a basketball match, but also a manifest of friendship and a demonstration of teamwork.

  Looking back at the match, we should keep in mind that every successful basketball game is backed by a skilled and fair referee, every successful event is backed by the people silently rooting for us. We should always remember our teachers that always got our back. Only because of their contributions did we have the chance to host this game.

  The contest has finalised, but the awesome feelings it left behind will always stay around…

  The sweat of the players and cheers of the audience kept lingering around. We learned so much during this event, experienced teamwork and worked around issues. We have all grown. This is our stage, our safe space for our dreams to blossom. Even after our youth fades away, memories will still remain, like seeds in soil.

  ‘The competition lasting over a week has ended, basketball has made me see a new look in everything. It is awesome how a little ball can inflict such great force, and get people to work together in such great harmony. On this plain basketball court, we have had cheers and laughter. Here, we once shed tears and sweat, laid down our memories of youth. I think, for the well prepared, there’s never shortage of opportunities, be it every day human interaction, a basketball game, it’s always like that.’

  --Kaoru Sugimori

  ‘God took away Man’s fear, making youngsters always so brave and dynamic. In the past few weeks, we participated in the very first formal basketball game in our entire life, from uniform to tactics, we took everything ultra-seriously. We fought for the glory of our class. Youth is always going to be populated by spots of remorse. We weren’t able to obtain championship, but that’s alright. What really matters is all the fun we had during the games, all the good times we spent together. It is every one of you that gave all this a meaning. We will definitely overcome all obstacles to become the most brilliant awesomeness.’

  --Dongfang Zhao

  ‘Even though the match is over, we still kind of remember the moment where the final whistle blew. It’s really hard to express the feelings at that breath-taking moment, where the spirit of basketball filled everyone’s heart. From the very beginning, we have suffered from the disadvantage of a rather low average height, we have always encouraged ourselves with the mindset of persistence, and hardened ourselves with team spirit. No matter what phase of the game, before, midgame or after, players cared for each other, encouraged each other. We maintained strict order even in warmup sessions, and maintained communication for high situational awareness of every player during the match. We believe that after this, regardless how much difficulty put against us, we will punch through.’

  --Qixuan He

  ‘This match greatly enhanced teamwork performance of our class. This will greatly aid us in our future studies. Also, during the competition, every player showed their unique advantage: centre fulfilled his duties, forward scored three-pointers in rapid succession and everyone stayed calm in free throws. Those on the court shed sweat as those off the court cheer. Winners did not display arrogance and losers did not grieve too much. An atmosphere of friendship first and competition second was truly achieved.’

  --Yanbo Meng

  ‘The match was tiring, but it was worth it. Our classmates cheered for us off the court, while the ones within definitely deserved it. Everyone knew perfectly their responsibility and was good enough to successfully fulfil it. Even though everyone was tired after the games, it was still really nice to see the brilliant glow of the trophy. Basketball is not a single-player game, teamwork is key.’

  --Mingyang Gao



  On the ceremony, players set foot on the stage, holding their medals and trophy, their joyfulness resounding the entire gymnasium.

  Every pass of the ball, resonates with the burning youth. Every leap, displays the elegance of sport. Senior 2 students of the CFLS will definitely go up against any difficulty, soar up towards the basket, headed for the light!

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