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CFLS | Senior Two English Drama Performance for the 23rd Foreign Languages and Cultural Festival

(Summary description)

CFLS | Senior Two English Drama Performance for the 23rd Foreign Languages and Cultural Festival

(Summary description)


  On the afternoon of December 27, 2021, with the wonderful performance of the orchestra and the splendid opening dance, the last event of this foreign language and cultural festival officially kicked off. CFLS Senior Two English drama performance for the 23rd Foreign Language and Cultural Festival was grandly held in the lecture hall. The leaders and guests who participated were Principal Wang Hao, Secretary Zhao Qingwen, Vice Principal Yang Zhongshan, Vice Principal Zhang Lianfeng, Director Shao Yang of the school office, Director Zhang Zhaoyang of the Student Office, Deputy Director Wang Zhongshan of the International Department, Secretary Wang Lei of the Youth League Committee, and Director Zhang Zhenhe of the High School English Teaching and Research Office, Deputy Director Yu Hongwei, Director Zhang Yanling of the second grade, foreign teachers Serena, Melanie, and Josiah, and representatives of all teachers, students and parents of Senior Two.



  The first drama was"The Merchant of Venice"from Class 2, which tells a series of stories triggered by the wealthy businessman Antonio in Venice borrowing usury from the Jewish Sherlock in order to get his friend Bassanio's marriage. The actors portrayed the greed and ruthlessness of bourgeois loan sharks and the friendship between Antonio and Bassanio with superb English lines and full-hearted performances.



  Class 9 students performed Dickens' classic "David Copperfield". They take the growth experience of the protagonist David as the main line, and paint us a broad picture of British social life in the 19th century. The wonderful performances of the students brought the audience into the ups and downs of the plot, felt the grand momentum of the play, and won bursts of applause.



  The students of Class 7 brought the performance of "Sense and Sensibility". The play is based on the twists and turns of the two heroines, Eleanor and Mary, and their different reactions to love through humorous contrasts of "sense and emotion".The remarkable performance of class 7 students is immersive, and it is undoubtedly a successful presentation of the original work.



  The performance of Class 8, "Twelfth Night" showed the audience Sebastian and Viola, twin brothers and sisters, who were in an unfortunate accident during a sea voyage, and they both managed to escape. After some interesting twists and turns, the story of Viola and Orsino, Olivia and Sebastian finally forming a good relationship. The costumes, props and sound of the actors are unique, and they spread a beautiful picture to the audience, and their vivid performances won bursts of applause.



  Class 1 presents "King Lear" for the audience. The play tells the story of the old King Lear when he divided the country, his two eldest daughters used sweet words to deceive the father's favor, and his youngest daughter's proper idea did not satisfy King Lear. After gaining the land, the two eldest daughters drove their father out of the palace, and only the youngest took him in. In the end, however, Lear's entire family tragically died. With the grand open dance and background music, the actors are very precise in both body movements and emotions, fully demonstrating the students' deep understanding of the original work. Their full-throated performance won the audience's applause.



  Class 6 also brought "Sense and Sensibility". The students' performances were lively and their costumes were exquisite and gorgeous. They showed us the complicated and delicate emotions between British ladies and gentlemen, showing the two extremes of dealing with emotions - extreme restraint rationality and extreme romantic sensibility. Their superb interpretation will undoubtedly give the audience a deeper understanding of the original.



  Class 5 presents the audience with Shakespeare's classic play "Hamlet". The play tells the story of the uncle Claudius who murdered Hamlet's father, usurped the throne, and married the king's widow. Prince Hamlet avenged his uncle for his father. The actors and narration are full of tension, the rhythm of the performance is proper, and the background costumes and props are quite unique. Their superb interpretation deepens our understanding of the original work.



  Class 10 brings us "Wuthering Heights". The play tells the story of a gypsy outcast, Heathcliff, who was adopted by the owner of the villa. He went out to get rich due to humiliation and failed love affairs. After returning, he took revenge on the landowner Linton and his children who married his ex-girlfriend Catherine. Through their deep understanding of the original work, the actors vividly interpret the strong fighting spirit of anti-oppression and struggle for happiness, winning bursts of applause.



  Class 4 performed "A Midsummer Night's Dream". With the deep forest as the background, the actors, through exquisite costumes and props, took us to the grand wedding of the Duke of Athens, Theseus, and the beautiful Selda Polyda. They encountered conflicts and finally solved the problem together.The students' vivid interpretation of the story is impressive.



  The last appearance is "Anne of Green Gables" from Class 3. The play tells the story of the innocent, kind and life-loving heroine, Little Annie. Although she lost her parents since childhood, she gained the love of her adopters and the care of her teachers and classmates by virtue of her hard work and diligence. The students of Class 3 were brave and innovative, and incorporated opera effects into the performance, which won the applause of the audience. At the end, the appearance of the snowman, coupled with the chorus of the New Year's song, ignited the audience, and this drama performance ended perfectly.



  Award ceremony

  Best Performance Award: Sophomore: Classes 2, 5, 1 and 4

  Best Creative Award: Sophomore: Classes Three and Seven

  Best Popularity Award: Sophomore: Class 6 and Class 8

  Best Team Award: Sophomore: Classes 9 and 10



  Principal Wang Hao delivered a speech and mentioned the following three points.

  First, what exactly does CFLS give students in the three years of school life?

  The answer is three qualities: firstly, the humanistic characteristics of national spirit and international vision; secondly, the youthful quality of innovation, collaboration and tolerance; thirdly, the ability and specialty of outstanding foreign languages ​​and good communication skills.

  Second, the greatness of drama. Drama is the greatest art form. The great thing about drama is that it is a sharing of wisdom in dealing with the world, it is an emotional experience. In this experience, drama gives us the progress of the mind and the growth of the mind.

  Third, Principal Wang commented on the performance of Senior Two students. Through the wonderful performance of the students, we felt the strength of English culture. This performance includes not only many famous plays by Shakespeare, but also famous plays by Dickens and Canadian playwrights. Principal Wang believes that after such outstanding students graduate, they will go out to the world with an inclusive attitude and bring Chinese culture to the world.



  Finally, the three foreign teachers commented on the drama in turn, expressing their full affirmation and expectation for Senior Two students. The foreign teacher said that from the wonderful performances of the students and the enthusiastic response of the audience, they felt the charm of the drama.

  This foreign language and cultural festival creates a good foreign language learning atmosphere for students, improves students' foreign language skills and comprehensive quality, and enhances students' enthusiasm for foreign language learning. CFLS cultivates not only newcomers of the era with national awareness, but also elite talents with International vision and cross-cultural communication skills. We hope that the students will not only have wonderful performance on the stage of drama, but also shine on the stage of life.

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