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Senior Two Online Teaching Record

(Summary description)

Senior Two Online Teaching Record

(Summary description)

  The new semester has just started, but due to the epidemic, CFLS began to teach online on March 9. The teachers and parents of Senior Two cooperated with each other. On the basis of the original management experience, time planning and section design Innovations are made to ensure the efficient learning.



  On March 6, under the instruction of the school leaders, the school held a meeting to formulate an implementation plan for online teaching and management during the epidemic, and put forward specific requirements for online teaching. Teachers prepare lessons collectively, brainstorm ideas, strive for the best to improve the quality of teaching. The school has repeatedly scrutinized and discussed issues such as course progress requirements, students' classroom status and acceptance ability, homework completion and online evaluation methods, constantly enriching online teaching resources, refining the design of teaching and learning task groups, and forming relevant written materials.



  At the same time, in order to inspire students' confidence in caring for their home and country and facing the difficulties together, the school organized an online "First Class" with the theme of "Peace and New Life".

  During the epidemic, in order to ensure the physical and mental health of students, teachers organized students to do aerobics and eye exercises together online. In the interval of intense study and life, it not only relaxes the students' body and mind, but also achieves the purpose of physical fitness, so that students can devote themselves to learning with a fuller mental state and effectively improve their learning efficiency.



  Although the epidemic is very difficult, the school is willing to accompany teachers and students to go through this most difficult time. We will definitely overcome the difficulties with mutual support and care.

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