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CFLS online teaching seminar ended successfully

(Summary description)

CFLS online teaching seminar ended successfully

(Summary description)

In order to consolidate the achievements of online teaching in 2020, the school launched a two-week online teaching seminar from April 11 to 22. This activity was strongly supported by Jilin Provincial Institute of Education. The online teaching ability of our school teachers.

In this event, the school uses Tencent conference software, which is divided into two parts: online teaching and online teaching and research. In half a month, a total of 19 online teaching seminars in 11 subjects in junior and senior high schools were polished, presented and discussed, and 875 teachers participated in the evaluation.



After the lecture, the directors of each teaching and research section lead all teachers to carry out teaching seminars. First of all, the teacher will give a lecture, focusing on explaining the design ideas and teaching reflection. Then the teachers in the group made speeches, and everyone mainly expressed their views on how this class highlighted the new curriculum concept and online teaching requirements. There are sincere compliments and pertinent suggestions; there are consensus opinions and disputes. The whole seminar was enthusiastic and efficient, fully demonstrating the value of a seminar. President Wang Hao, Vice President Yang Zhongshan, and Director Lou Shuang and Director Li Zhongqi of the Academic Affairs Office also participated in the seminar and discussed the teaching method with the teachers.

Teaching seminars also extend from online to offline. According to the particularity of online teaching, the Office of Academic Affairs has produced the "Changchun Foreign Language School Online Teaching Classroom Evaluation Scale". The evaluation of the frequency of teacher-student interaction and the flexibility of assignments guides teachers in an all-round way to optimize the effect of online teaching. All teachers fill in it carefully after listening to the class and submit it to the Academic Affairs Office for summary.



Under the leadership of Director Lang Yu, 13 teaching and research staff from 9 subjects of the Senior High School Teaching and Research Training Department of Jilin Provincial Institute of Education participated in the whole process. The teaching and research staff worked tirelessly to go deep into the front-line classrooms, teach and research together with teachers, and provide targeted guidance. Some teaching and research staff also participate in the teacher's course grinding and give preliminary guidance; some teaching and research staff get the teaching design in advance and prepare for Q&A lectures. After listening to the subject teachers' discussion on teaching, the teaching and research staff took this seminar as an example to give guidance on the frontier concepts of the subject, the requirements for teaching development, and the method of breaking through the bottleneck of online teaching from a macro level. The teachers of the school also showed their new explorations and put forward their own new puzzles. The teaching and research staff also gave their own opinions on the basis of giving full affirmation. The whole discussion was heated and in-depth.


The teaching and research activities of the Russian subject were jointly carried out with Northeast Normal University. Professor Gao Guocui, deputy dean and doctoral supervisor of the School of Foreign Languages ​​of Northeast Normal University, Professor Zhiyin Zhiyin, director of the Russian Department of the School of Foreign Languages ​​of Northeast Normal University, and Associate Professor Yan Lanlan, deputy director of the Russian Department of the School of Foreign Languages ​​of Northeast Normal University 27 undergraduate interns from the Russian Department of Northeast Normal University also participated in the whole process to participate in the evaluation of the class and put forward suggestions.

This teaching and research activity is a truth-seeking and pragmatic activity, and the provincial teaching and research staff fully affirmed the basic quality and teaching and research ability of CFLS teaching and research ability of all disciplines. At the current time of the epidemic, CFLSers are deeply engaged in teaching and study hard. Clouds do not fall into Qingyunzhi, and there are no regrets in online pursuit of dreams. Spring is here, let's embrace the new era of "Internet + Education"!


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