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CFLS | Geography Online Teaching Seminar for Senior Two

(Summary description)

CFLS | Geography Online Teaching Seminar for Senior Two

(Summary description)

On April 21st, Ms. Cai Qingxiang taught a seminar on online teaching of high school geography.



Teacher Cai Qingxiang introduced from the hot topic of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, created scenarios, took energy security as the main line, carefully designed questions, went deep into layers, grasped students' concentration, guided them into the teaching situation, carefully guided and Correct and accurately grasp the classroom.

Video materials, current affairs materials and teaching materials are effectively integrated to make up for the lack of students' practical experience and deepen students' understanding and practical application of knowledge content.


Teacher Cai accurately analyzes the academic situation, faces all students, pays attention to differences, teaches students according to their aptitude, and comprehensively improves the quality of students. While focusing on cultivating students' comprehensive thinking ability, it guides students to summarize and summarize knowledge content, build a knowledge system, and improve students' basic literacy.

After the class, teacher Cai Qingxiang first shared her teaching design ideas and teaching reflections with everyone. The teachers in the group also carried out in-depth teaching and research. Director Lang Yu of the High School Teaching and Research Training Department of Jilin Provincial Institute of Education and Teacher Zhang Lianbin, Geography Teaching and Researcher of Jilin Provincial High School participated in this activity and gave guidance throughout the whole process.

Lang Yu, Director of the High School Teaching and Research Training Department of Jilin Provincial Institute of Education, first fully affirmed CFLS for carrying out this activity, and expressed appreciation for the research spirit and professional quality of the school teachers. He highly recognized Mr. Cai Qingxiang's teaching effect in this class. He believed that Mr. Cai's teaching objective design was realistic, with clear teaching ideas, rigorous structure, scientific teaching situation setting, and strong classroom control ability. At the same time, three suggestions are put forward for the high school geography teaching under the new curriculum reform concept.

Zhang Lianbin, a geography teaching and researcher in Jilin Province High School, fully affirmed this lesson, and also conducted a highly targeted training based on the new curriculum standard from the perspective of curriculum design. Combined with the content of "China's Energy Security" in this section, it starts from the process of teaching design, explains how to interpret the curriculum standards, analyze the teaching materials, how to combine multiple versions of teaching materials to understand, determine the teaching goals, design the teaching process, and select appropriate teaching cases. , to determine reasonable teaching activities. Mr. Zhang answered the teachers' confusion about the optional compulsory three teaching very well. His high-level guidance greatly benefited the participating teachers.


Finally, Director Xu Pingzhi of the Geography Teaching and Research Office made a summary and expressed sincere thanks to Lang Yu, Director of the High School Teaching and Research Training Department of the Provincial Institute of Education, and Zhang Lianbin, a Provincial Geography Teaching and Researcher, and made a long-term plan from the perspective of discipline construction.

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