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The CFLS MUN Club returned with honors to participate in the online conference of 2022 World Youth MUN General Assembly!

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The CFLS MUN Club returned with honors to participate in the online conference of 2022 World Youth MUN General Assembly!

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  From August 20th to 22nd, 2022, the three-day 2022 World Youth Model United Nations was co-hosted by the China Center for International People-to-People Exchange Ministry of Education and Beijing Foreign Studies University, and jointly organized by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press and the Foreign Studies Training Center of Beijing Foreign Studies University. The first round of online meetings of the conference ended successfully. The students who participated in the first round of online conferences participated in the discussion of hot issues in the international community as MUN diplomats, expounding their views, and conducting consultations and debates on the procedures of the MUN.



  A total of 19 students from CFLS participated in this online meeting. The 12 representatives from the junior high school participated in the MUN conference for the first time and had no experience with this event. Before the meeting, the instructor of the MUN club, Ms. Qi Lina, and the representatives of the high school division were specially invited to conduct specialized training. Not only did the delegates quickly gain knowledge about the meeting process, but they also became more excited about the future MUN experience. 7 people from the high school attended the meeting. The 19 representatives acted as MUN diplomats from various countries in different committees. According to the rules of procedure, they studied, negotiated, and debated on issues, and finally reached a resolution.



  After three days of tempering and growth, the outstanding students of CFLs have gained a lot. Our school was awarded the title of "Excellent Organizational Unit", and Instructor Zhong Lina and Instructor Qi Lina were awarded the title of "Excellent Instructor".

  In the first round of meetings, the outstanding representatives of our school were awarded the "Special Nomination for International Understanding" and received an invitation letter to participate in the high-level meeting held in November.

  Through the MUN activities, the students embraced the world with a broader vision and a broader pattern. This is not only a quantitative accumulation but also a qualitative leap. In the meeting, whether it is a diversified organized consultation or a wonderful unorganized consultation, everyone grows up in the speeches, tempers and surpasses themselves in the debates. Express your voice, be an excellent MUN member, and be an excellent CFLSer!

  I wish all the delegates to show their wonderful performance and shine again at the BFSU Youth Model United Nations High-level Conference! Looking forward to the MUN conference to achieve another success!

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