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Delegation Led By Consul General of French Consulate General in Shenyang visits CFLS

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Delegation Led By Consul General of French Consulate General in Shenyang visits CFLS

(Summary description)

  On the afternoon of March 16th, Charles è ne MWEPU-BROS, Cooperation Consul of the Consulate General of France in Shenyang, Cai Mingrui of International Department of Changchun Normal University, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Jilin Province Jin Xuefeng, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office of Jilin Province Education Department Chen Mei came to our school for exchange and visit. Principal Wang Hao, Director Shao Yang of the School Office, Director Li Zhongqi of the Student Affairs Office, Director Zhang Yanling of the academic Affairs Office, Director Wang Zhongshan of the International Department, and French teacher Lin Yujia received the French guests.



  Principal Wang Hao extended a warm welcome to the arrival of the cooperative consul and her entourage. CFLS emphasizes the characteristic teaching of foreign languages and cultivates Chinese youth with international vision and national consciousness who take responsibility for global economic, trade, and cultural exchanges. Our school has been committed to friendly exchanges with France and looks forward to deepening cooperation and exchanges with embassies and consulates.



  Principal Wang Hao said that more than 80 people are learning French in our school, the largest number of people learning French in the central city of Northeast China. He hopes to rely on CFLS to establish a youth cultural exchange center and cooperative school to enhance the prospect of educational exchanges between the two countries through the construction of a cultural curriculum. He also looks forward to French young people who love Chinese culture coming to CFLS to exchange and study, not only to see the oriental culture but also to have a certain understanding of Chinese education, thereby further consolidating the friendship between China and France.



  Charles è ne MWEPU-BROS said that she was very excited to come to CFLS. French President Jean-Claude Macron will visit China this year and usher in the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France in 2024. In this context, there are broad prospects for cooperation between the two sides, and various cooperation projects with the support of the consulate will be established and realized soon. At the same time, some constructive suggestions are put forward on obtaining the lifelong diploma of the French Union examination and the career planning of French students. During the talks, the two sides also conducted all-around exchanges in areas of interest such as teachers' teaching ability and youth exchanges. With the exchange of business cards and gifts between the two sides, the road of educational exchange has begun.

  After the talks, accompanied by the leaders of the school, the consul and her entourage visited the international cultural corridor, student homework exhibitions, foreign language classrooms, and so on. French guests are amazed by the good foreign language learning atmosphere and solid hardware learning conditions that our school has created for students.



  In the French culture classroom, Charles è ne MWEPU-BROS said that this was her first visit to Changchun and her first visit to the CFLS campus. She was very happy and excited. She encourages every student to pay more attention to French cultural activities. In the student interaction session, the consul invited two teachers studying in France, Cai Mingrui and Lin Yujia, who shared with the students stories about their studies, life, safety, and diet during their stay in France. Finally, the consul took a group photo with the French class students, which planted the seeds for their French dream in the future and created a good French learning atmosphere.


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