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J.F.Oberlin University visited CFLS

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J.F.Oberlin University visited CFLS

(Summary description)


  Under the national strategic background of "One Belt and One Road", Changchun Foreign Languages School upholds the educational philosophy of National Consciousness, International Vision, Openness, and inclusiveness,  strengthens the characteristics of Japanese education, and further promotes the exchange and cooperation with J.F.Oberlin University. On April 11th, Mr. Yin Qiurui from the Admission Office of J.F.Oberlin University visited our school, Principal Wang Hao met the guests, Director Shao Yang from School Office, Deputy Director Wang Wei from the Japanese Language Department, Deputy Director Wang Zhongshan from the International Department, Japanese foreign teacher Mr. Noda and teachers from the International Department attended the meeting.



  At the beginning of the meeting, both sides introduced the school development. On behalf of CFLS, Principal Wang Hao extended a warm welcome and sincere thanks for the visit of J.F.Oberlin University, and briefly introduced the development of our campus in recent years, educational achievements, educational characteristics, as well as the exploration and achievements in discipline construction and education internationalization. The two sides exchanged views on inter-school student exchanges and teachers' study visits. Japanese is one of the earliest foreign language courses in our school and has made great achievements in all aspects.  It is hoped that the two sides can further expand the cooperation of study abroad programs and short-term programs in the future, so as to promote bilateral cooperation and provide more students with in-depth learning opportunities.



  Mr. Yin Qiurui from J.F.Oberlin University thanked us for the warm reception of our school and introduced the basic information about J.F.Oberlin University, such as its educational history, educational philosophy, foreign cooperation and exchanges, and professional construction. The motto of J.F.Oberlin University in Japan is "Learn to show others". These four words come from the Analects of Confucius. It hopes that students can use the knowledge they have learned to benefit society and help others. It has conducted friendly exchanges with more than 200 schools around the world, with more than 10,000 students and 770 international students, 80% of whom are from China. Reviewing the cooperation between the two schools in the past decade, from teachers and students studying abroad to online communication during the epidemic, all show the profound friendship between the two schools. He hoped that the two schools could further deepen exchanges after the epidemic and expand practical cooperation in professional construction, teacher-student exchanges, teacher training, and overseas practice bases.



  Mr. Yin explained to the students the characteristics of J.F.Oberlin University and explained the specific content of the school's program concisely. J.F. Oberlin University has a superior geographical advantage -- many campuses, such as the Shinjuku campus with convenient transportation and Yunnobian Campus with beautiful scenery, are distributed in the metropolitan area. Its education system also has a unique advantage -- cluster education, such as comprehensive liberal arts and science cluster, health and welfare cluster, etc. It is convenient for students to choose courses in multiple fields, and can promote students' self-planning and development through the rational use of school resources. Dual degree programs can be pursued within the prescribed educational system. It offers master's degree programs in 5 fields, such as gerontology, business management, etc., all of which are highly competitive master's degree programs. All of these majors are provided with doctoral degree-granting points, so you can continue to study for a doctoral degree. Finally, Mr. Yin introduced the registration qualifications, fees, and procedures in detail.



  As the main promoter of the international cooperation program of J.F.Oberlin University, he introduced the cooperation program of the University in detail, made clear the application requirements for students to study in Japan, and warmly invited the teachers and students to study at the University. Subsequently, the two sides carried out in-depth exchanges in the cooperation details of the two schools' professional co-construction, teacher training, talent training, and so on. As the meeting drew to a close, Mr. Yin expressed his ardent expectation to the students, hoping that they could have more in-depth thinking and more careful planning for their university life through the meeting.

  Focusing on international cooperation and exchange, we provide international programs and courses for students to broaden their horizons and build a broader platform for them. This exchange activity allowed students to have a more comprehensive understanding of studying in Japan and the postgraduate entrance examination program, and have a clearer understanding and plan of their development direction.

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