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CFLS Athletes Achieved Good Results in Jilin Province Youth Sports Championship

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CFLS Athletes Achieved Good Results in Jilin Province Youth Sports Championship

(Summary description)

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  • Time of issue:2023-04-11 15:30
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  Recently, CFLS students have achieved success in various sports events. They show a fighting spirit, with high morale, indomitable style, superb skills, and brave to create several achievements.



  Guo Menghan, a student from Class 2, Grade 12 of Changchun Foreign Languages Experimental High School, won "first place" in the martial arts competition of the Middle School Students' Martial Arts Championship and the First National Student (Youth) Sports Meeting in 2023. A total of 212 athletes from across the province participated in the two-day competition, and 22 gold MEDALS were awarded in 4 groups of secondary school groups. In the martial arts competition, the players gathered together to display the charm of traditional martial arts and promote the spirit of Chinese martial arts, which fully shows the students' spirit of being vigorous, united, and upward. The competition will provide a reference for our province to participate in the first National Student (youth) Games to select outstanding student-athletes.



  This badminton competition of primary and secondary school students in Changchun is the one with the largest number of participants, the most events, and the highest competitive level. A total of 577 athletes from all schools in the city participated in 842 games for the team and individual awards.



  Gao Yuanzhe from Class 7, Grade 11, Changchun Foreign Language School, and Yu Bohan from Class 2, Grade 11, won "second place" in the men's doubles of the "Senior High School Group" in the 2023 Badminton competition for primary and middle school students in Changchun.





  Ju Zirui from Class 5, Grade 7 of Changchun Foreign Language School won "fourth place" in men's singles of the junior middle school group in the 2023 Changchun Primary and Middle School Students' Badminton Competition.



  Under the guidance of the national policy of "double reduction", CFLS focuses on the integration of "learning, practice and competition", and actively participates in various important competitions, which is warmly welcomed and positively responded to by the students and their parents.

  A sports arena is a place for sports competitions, and also a platform for athletes with sports expertise to show their fighting spirit and good image. The students of our school vividly demonstrate the sports spirit of never giving up, demonstrating the new image of the students of CFLS as calm, confident, open and energetic. In the future, we will continue to forge ahead with the goal of promoting sports spirit and inspiring China's strength.

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