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Changchun Foreign Language School ——2019 College entrance examination 100-day oath meeting

(Summary description)

Changchun Foreign Language School ——2019 College entrance examination 100-day oath meeting

(Summary description)

  On the afternoon of February 25, 2019, National College Entrance Examination 100-day Oath Meeting of Changchun Foreign languages School started with the solemn national anthem.

  Representatives of the school's leading group, department directors, all teachers and students in Senior three, and students' parents attended the meeting. The director of students' affairs division, Zhang Chaoyang, presided over the meeting.

  Jiang Yang made a speech as a representative of the head teacher and put forward four suggestions:

  First, attach importance to each examination, showing confidence, courage and morale; second, listen attentively during class, treat each exercise seriously, sort out the knowledge and summarize the methods of solving problems; third, allocate time reasonably to the study plan; fourth, study plans should be both macro and micro: work and rest should be balanced, psychological counseling should be done well.

  Mr. Zhao Yan, the parent representative, is a soldier. At the oath meeting, he inspired the morale of the students with his own military stories, showing his fearlessness and discipline, and moved every audience with deep fatherly love.

  Principal Wang Hao thanked the teachers of Senior three for their hard work and affirmed their work efficiency and teaching students in accordance with their aptitude.

  Then, Principal Wang Hao put forward three hopes for the students: "first, we should win the college entrance examination in spirit, we should have a positive attitude of sprinting, striving, experiencing and enjoying the college entrance examination, and second, we should win the college entrance examination in terms of time: cherish time, race against time to make more progress. Third, we should win the college entrance examination strategically: overcome the difficulties, know your advantages and disadvantages, be ready for the college entrance examination, showing rich knowledge reserves and skillful problem-solving skills.

  Finally, Principal Wang Hao said that Changchun Foreign language School is not only a stage for creating opportunities, but also a stage for every student to seize opportunities and turn things around.

  Behind the achievements is sweat, revealing opportunities.

  I firmly believe that there are dedicated teachers, diligent students, caring parents. Every student can work hard to realize the dream of the ideal university, and our college entrance examination in 2019 will be able to create greater prosperity!

  Next, all the teachers and students watched the inspirational video of "death crawling". The audience was shocked, and many of them left tears.

  At this exciting moment, the student representative, Song Yingwei led all the senior three students to solemnly swear:

  A hundred days are short but never lost.

  Stick to your goals and gain a foothold in class

  Study hard to make strengths and avoid weaknesses.

  Tamp the foundation with patience and perseverance;

  With sweat and will, gather sweet nectar;

  With wisdom and strategy, write gorgeous chapters;

  Struggle for a hundred days.

  Let sweat nurture extraordinary.

  Struggle for a hundred days.

  Create brilliance with passion.

  Struggle for a hundred days.

  Create resplendence with strength.

  The dream of pursuit of excellence will come true in June

  The flying spread of good news will win glory for the school.

  As the oath meeting drew to a close, our leading group of the school presented the “100-day tips” to the students, which include one question and one knowledge point for each subject each day, so as to achieve accurate preparation for the exam. Then the students presented exquisite flowers to appreciate teachers’ efforts. Everyone was moved by the harmonious and friendly relationship between teachers and students.

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