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A study trip to South Korea

(Summary description)

A study trip to South Korea

(Summary description)

  From August 5 to 14, 2019, entrusted by the Jilin Provincial Department of Education, a delegation of 21 people from Changchun Foreign Languages School led by Jiang Changqing and Qi Lina went to Gangwon Dao, South Korea, to participate in an exchange activity with the theme of "International Education".

  The Korean study tour, made up of sophomores in senior high school, stayed in South Korea for ten days. During the study trip in Korea, the accompanying staff of Gangwon-do Education Department took good care of every member of our school, making us feel at home.

  We traveled to Seoul, Wonju, Jiangling and other six cities, visited educational institutes and five high schools, and experienced more than 10 characteristic courses, from archery to wearing hanbok, from learning Korean tea ceremony to 3D printing, from trial production of Korean cuisine to handmade Korean paper experience, from visiting the National Folk Museum to shopping in Insedong. From experiencing Jiangling water sports to exposure to the fantasy world of Lotte, South Korea has carried out the most in-depth travel experience from the six aspects of "etiquette", "learning", "traveling", "clothing", "food" and "play". Through these experience activities, we not only learned the Korean people's serious attitude towards doing things and the pursuit of cutting-edge science and technology, but also experienced Korean folk customs and fashion flavor, and broadened their horizons; at the same time, students also learned to care and be considerate to others through mutual cooperation.

  Geographically neighboring China and South Korea have had friendly exchanges for a long time, and there have been numerous talks about the friendly exchanges between the Jilin Provincial Department of Education and the Gangwon Province Department of Education. We hope that our school will participate in such study tours in the future, communicate with each other, seek common ground while reserving differences, and promote the rapid development of bilateral relations.

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