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A inspirational speech from Zhang Chaofan

(Summary description)

A inspirational speech from Zhang Chaofan

(Summary description)

  In Changchun Foreign Languages School(CFLS), we had an honorable guest speech from a inspirational speaker - Zhang Chaofan. Based on speaker’s own growth and successful experience, this speech brings new direction and strength to the students who are in a state of confusion. School leaders, senior high school teachers and students of CFLS attended the meeting.

  At the beginning of the activity, Zhang Lianfeng, vice principal of Changchun Foreign Languages School, issued an appointment certificate to Zhang Chaofan and hired her as our school's "student motivational growth mentor".

  Zhang Chaofan was born without left forearm but her constant drive to become stronger has moved lots of people. She is elected as the civilization promotion ambassador of Changchun, capital of Jilin province. She has provided several free lessons to disabled children, autistic children and children in poor families.

  After a brief self-introduction, Zhang Chaofan began to give a speech, and her affinity quickly eliminated the sense of alienation with audience. "In fact, the appearance of life depends on what your inner world looks like. No matter what the situation is, we should never take your fate lying down,instead you should take it into your own hands."   

  The students were deeply moved by her stories, and her wonderful speech won bursts of applause.

  When it is time for questions, Zhang Chaofan and students interacted with each other actively. After the speech, Zhang took group photos with students. She said that "Life is a mirror. If you smile at it, it will smile at you; if you cry to it, it will cry to you."

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