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Sino-Spanish cultural exchange center set up in CFLS

(Summary description)

Sino-Spanish cultural exchange center set up in CFLS

(Summary description)

  A Sino-Spanish Cultural Exchange Center was launched at the Changchun Foreign Languages School in Changchun, capital of Northeast China’s Jilin province, on Aug 17.

  Jorge Romeu, an envoy from the Spanish embassy and Wang Hao, principal of the Changchun Foreign Languages School, attended the opening ceremony.

  The diplomat said that Spanish culture, like Chinese culture, boated a long history that was recognized throughout the world. Exchange between two cultures means a lot to people in the two countries, and more ways should be explored to strengthen cultural exchanges between high school students, he added.

  Principal Wang Hao gave a presentation on the history of the Changchun Foreign Languages School to attendees and briefed them on his school’s attempts to promote Chinese culture and broaden international cultural exchanges.

  Attendees also paid a visit to the school’s history museum. Principal Wang Hao explained patiently the school's running status and future school plans. Our high school students served as translators and impressed the foreign guests with authentic and fluent English expressions.

  After the unveiling ceremony, the foreign guests accompanied by the school leaders visited the unique cultural corridor including traditional Chinese porcelain, Peking opera facial masks, and model classrooms.

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