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Three-day World Youth Model United Nations General Assembly

(Summary description)

Three-day World Youth Model United Nations General Assembly

(Summary description)

  From November 1- November 3, the three-day World Youth Model United Nations General Assembly (MUN) was successfully held at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

  A total of 24 students from junior and senior high school attended this conference under the leadership of English teachers Tian Jing, Wang Shudan, Wang he and Liu Yinghui. It was a rare opportunity to broaden their horizons and exercise themselves, as well as to cultivate the spirit of leadership and cooperation.

  There are three English venues, two Chinese venues and a main press center (MPC) in junior high school. There are three English committees and one historic Chinese committee in senior high school, as well as a main press center (MPC).

Senior high school delegates and instructors

  Junior high school delegates and instructors


  With the goal of enhancing the global competence of young people, the conference has set up a broad stage for cultural exchanges between youngsters at home and abroad.

  Junior high school delegates attended several venues such as UNESCO, UNFCCC United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change and ECOSOC United Nations Economic and Social Council. The deputies spoke enthusiastically at the conference, proceeding from the position of the countries they represented, actively consulting with the delegates of other countries, and striving to find a win-win solution. After two days of intense consultations, the delegates jointly drafted and voted on the draft resolution, reached a consensus, and successfully completed the agenda of the conference.

  A large number of wonderful speeches from high school delegates filled the MPC room with the collision of ideas. Every speech, every round of consultation, and every document given by the CFLS students at the conference is a rare and valuable experience of the delegates, condensing the hard work and sweat of the conference into the fruitful results.

  During the three-day session, the delegates of the Model UN of Changchun Foreign Languages School stood out among more than 600 delegates from more than 40 middle and high schools across the country with their excellent English expression skills, superb thinking skills and negotiation skills.

  Changchun Foreign Languages School won the title of "best team" in this World Youth Model United Nations General Assembly, while the English teacher Tian Jing, Wang Shudan, Wang he and Liu Yinghui respectively won the "Best Model United Nations instructor" award.

  Over the course of the conference, Changchun Foreign Languages School "Model UN" members transcend language barriers, regional boundaries, cultural differences, and imprisoning ideas. This platform, which brings together outstanding students from many of the world's top schools, provides a good opportunity to communicate and learn from each other. While listening to the opinions of others, students broaden their horizon and promote intercultural understanding.

  Although this conference has come to an end, it has left precious memories in the hearts of every participant. It was a worthwhile weekend for all involved! I believe that in the future, more and more students will come out of school and show their elegant demeanor on the national and international stage!

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