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MUN Club convenes video conference in CFLS

(Summary description)

MUN Club convenes video conference in CFLS

(Summary description)


  With a “coronavirus epidemic” raging throughout the world, we have experienced the longest holiday. Although Model United Nations (MUN) members could not gather in the lecture hall during this period, the enthusiasm for sharing experiences among students has not faded. Our MUN club carried out a conference through network platforms to deepen the education of international understanding in this special period. Let's take a look at the elegant demeanor of the MUN Club online Conference in Changchun Foreign Languages School (CFLS). Model United Nations Conference: United Nations Human Rights Council.

  Model United Nations issues: Avoid Coronavirus Racism and Human-rights Violations.

  As the old saying goes, “Though miles apart, we are under the same sky”. Chinese people are grateful for humanitarian aid from individuals and groups. The sincere actions of the whole nation to fight against the epidemic in adversities and relief supplies and funds from overseas bring a special power to comfort and connect.

  However, there are always some discordant notes, disturbing our harmonious vibes. Some people view the epidemic from a discriminatory point of view and gradually evolve a tendency to violate human rights. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese living in some countries were hostile and discriminated against by a small number of local people.

  In the process of academic preparation, the students paid close attention to the relevant news at home and abroad. When collecting the literature, the students deeply realized that China used its strength to interpret the "great power demeanor" in the process of fighting the global epidemic. Russia, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, Iran, and other governments and non-governmental organizations lent a helping hand to China, alleviating the urgent needs such as the shortage of domestic medical supplies to varying degrees. "You throw a peach to me. I give you a white jade for friendship."

  Although the current epidemic situation in China is still grim and epidemic prevention materials are not so abundant, China still generously donates materials to other countries, shares anti-epidemic information, and experience, and provides humanitarian support and assistance to the best of its ability. Many students said they were more patriotic when they learned more about China's fight against the epidemic.

  In a word, through this Model United Nations Conference, students can not only experience the hot debate of participating in the conference but also understand a lot of truth: today's era is an era of globalization, which is closely related to our lives and is no longer limited to our own country. Just like this year's epidemic, we cannot rely solely on the efforts of one country to prevent, control, and cure the epidemic. We need all countries to unite to overcome the epidemic.

  Changchun Foreign Languages School has always regarded "talents with international vision and global competence" as the training goal, training students to establish comprehensive values and world outlook, so that they can embrace cultural diversity while promoting social justice, sustainability, and a sense of responsibility to act.

  The model UN club has attracted many people with its unique educational characteristics of "shaping a sound personality and improving cross-cultural comprehension". In recent years, the model UN club has appeared in the model UN venues at home and abroad, showing the elegant demeanor and won the highest honor of the delegates!

  Of the same breath and from joint branches, we hope together for the spring to come soon.

  CFLS Model UN club:

  Cheer for China!

  Cheer for the world!

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