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CFLS robotics club's qualifaction for National finals

(Summary description)

CFLS robotics club's qualifaction for National finals

(Summary description)

  From May 11 to 12, Changchun Foreign Languages School (CFLS) participated in 2019 Innovation and practice activities, which were solemnly held in the Wisdom Valley School Affiliated to Jilin University in Jilin Province.



  More than 100 teams from the whole province competed together. The robotics club of our school, led by instructor Qiu Wenzheng, composed of Chen Han, Liu Ziteng, Li Hanbao and Zhang Kaiqi, were invited to participate in the competition. There would be fierce competition among the top seeds over two tough days of rallying to decide which team would make it to the finals.



  In the case of abnormal sensors, our school students rely on excellent teamwork, flexible manipulation, steady state, and finally achieved excellent results. Finally, all the participants qualified for the national finals.



  Robot competition is a competitive event to expand the interest of college and middle school students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics by promoting educational robots, and to improve and promote teenagers' team spirit, leadership and problem-solving ability.



  The future will be the era of artificial intelligence, the era of coexistence of human and robot. Artificial intelligence is changing the world, therefore carrying out artificial intelligence education is not only an important means for schools to train innovative talents in the new era, but also the strategic need of national social development. I hope the robotics club of our school can make more progress and accomplish splendid work in the national finals.

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