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International Vasaloppet Student Culture Exchange held in CFLS

(Summary description)

International Vasaloppet Student Culture Exchange held in CFLS

(Summary description)

  From August 4 to August 12, 2019, International Vasaloppet Student Culture Exchange(IVSCE)was held in Changchun, China. IVSCE is part of an overarching exchange programme between the Vasaloppet races in Sweden, the USA, Japan and China. The purpose is to promote intercultural understanding through students exchange among the international Vasaloppet family members.The participants can broaden their perspectives through meeting youths from other cultures.Vasaloppet thereby contributes both to individual growth and economic prosperity of member countries.

  In view of our foreign language characteristics and rich experience in foreign affairs reception, CFLS has received delegations from Sweden and the United States. 

  In August 2017, our school sent six outstanding young students to Sweden to participate in the IVSCE that year. The students felt deeply impressed and benefited a lot. In August 2019, our school, as a rotating organizer, hosted the International Vasaloppet Student Culture Exchange event.

  Principal Wang Hao made a speech at the opening ceremony. Firstly, he extended a warm welcome to the teachers and students in Sweden and the United States, introduced the long history of CFLS and the unique characteristics of our school, and expressed his best wishes for this Chinese cultural experience camp.Chen Mei, director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Jilin Provincial Education Department, first expressed the strong support for this event, and also expressed the affirmation that our school can undertake such a high-standard foreign affairs reception event.

  On August 5 and 6, students from China, Switzerland and the United States visited Jingyuetan National Park and Changchun International Sculpture Park, felt the majestic atmosphere, freshness and nature of Jingyuetan National Park.The students felt the artistic achievements of the masters in Changchun International Sculpture Park.

  On the morning of August 7th and 11th, Swiss and American students walked into the Chinese classroom and experienced the courses with Chinese cultural characteristics, which include Chinese calligraphy, paper-cut, tieing and coloring, Tai Chi and Shuffle Dance. The teachers got enthusiastic applause from the students because of their creative teaching design.

  Our school has not only designed diverse ranges of activities, but also selected excellent students to receive foreign students one-on-one to host in their own homes, live together, carry out activities together, get to know each other and enhance friendship in daily life.

  On August 9, students from China, Switzerland and the United States went to Jilin to visit Beishan Park and the Songhua River. The students also learned about the Manchuria Shaman Culture in Jilin and felt the magnificence of Chinese culture.

  On the evening of August 11, Our Principal and the leader of the Vasaloppet delegation signed the memorandum of cooperation to deepen international exchange.

  After a rich dinner, we ushered in a farewell party for this activity, at which Principal Wang Hao delivered a speech and expressed his expectations for the students. He hoped that the friendship between the students of the three countries would last forever and that foreign friends would have the opportunity to come to our school again.

  At the farewell party, students from China, Switzerland and the United States showed their versatility, colorful programs and interesting games, which made teachers and students laugh a lot.The party ended successfully in a warm holiday atmosphere.

  The 8-day International Vasaloppet Student Cultural Exchange event is progressing smoothly. Students learn from each other, enhance their friendship, understand each other's language and culture, improve their cross-cultural understanding, and achieve complete success.

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