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CFLS students' Speech Series Report 1: The Chinese are Never Afraid of Wars

(Summary description)

CFLS students' Speech Series Report 1: The Chinese are Never Afraid of Wars

(Summary description)

  My name is Jang Hanfei from Changchun Foreign Language school. At the beginning of the 2020 year, all of us were caught in panic and endless darkness. During the Spring Festival ,when families are supposed to get together, some were stuck thousands of miles from their home, while others sacrifice their holidays to work day and night in order to protect us from catching the terrible coronavirus.

  This is a long, drown-out war, and it needs the whole country to unite together. We are deeply moved by countless doctors, nurses, and soilders who rushed to the battlefield with determination. We all know that this is a tough war, a terrifying war. But there are many people like moths to the flame, knowing that the road ahead is dangerous and may lose their lives. But they are resolutely committed to fight against the virus.

  We have been through tougher moments. But we all overcame the odds with rock-solid faith. We Chinese are never afraid to fight against wars. Nothing can stop our determination to overcome the virus. Because we are Chinese. And Chinese are never afraid of war.

  In this beautiful season, when everything comes back to life. The city gradually became prosperous as before, the patients recovered and left the hospital, and there were no new cases in many parts of the country. Life is gradually on the right track, the old darkness will be replaced by the new light.

  We believe that the dawn of victory lies in the near future.

  Speaker: Jiang Hanfei Class Seven, Grade Nine

  Instrutor: Ma Xuefei

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