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CFLS students' Speech Series Report 20 - Mom’s going to fight monsters

(Summary description)

CFLS students' Speech Series Report 20 - Mom’s going to fight monsters

(Summary description)

  The outbreak of novel cornoavirus pneumonia has blocked the school road and delayed the opening time. The “air classroom” has overcome the constraints of time and space, with beautifully taught courses, pairs of eager eyes craving knowledge, and teachers who silently dedicate... “Gathered” together, lecturing, explaining doubts and solving puzzles, ensuring that students learn and exercise at home the same time.

  In order to ease the serious condition, all students had better do as follows.

  ① reduce going out, stay at home as much as possible, and keep indoor ventilation;

  ②if we have to go out, we must wear masks correctly, reduce going to places where people gather, and after using masks, we must put them into plastic bags and then discard them.

  By the way, at present, many wild animals are on the brink of extinction due to human activities. Worse, some of them may disappear forever. We should protect wild animals, nature and treat ourselves well.

  Speaker: Wang Yaxin, Class 3, Grade 8.

  Instructor: Wang Wei


  Come on, Wuhan! Go China! Some people say, "a little coin in a tin will make a loud laugh."

  Light will not leave every good soul behind.

  Masks don't block people.

  Where can I find an angel in white?

  It's just a bunch of kids changing their clothes

  Learn from your predecessors

  Cure the disease and save people, and rob people with the God of death.

  The angel in white is desperately guarding,

  It's an ambulance with wings,

  Running backwards in front of all difficulties,

  Be sure to believe that tomorrow will be OK!

  If the miracle has color, it must be red.

  Look, everyone is contributing to the epidemic

  Stars and volunteers express their love through the air.

  We all meet when the spring comes.

  Our medical staff, they are not fighting alone. Behind them are the people of one mind.

  Winter will pass, and spring will come as promised, gathering energy and love to defeat the virus. All our efforts and efforts will not be in vain. When the dark clouds are over, we will go to Wuhan to see cherry blossom and welcome the new spring together!

  Five thousand years of wind and rain have made us Chinese, and each crisis has swept our nation like a hurricane,

  But it never brought us down.

  I believe we will win!

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