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CFLS students' Speech Series Report 4 - Unity is Power

(Summary description)

CFLS students' Speech Series Report 4 - Unity is Power

(Summary description)

  My name is Zhao Weiheng from Class 8 Grade 9 of Changchun Foreign Language School. The title of my speech is Unity is Power. As we all know since the beginning of 2020, we have been attacked by the novel coronavirus epidemic. Our peaceful life has been completely disrupted. But, under the leadership of the Party Central Government, Millions of people have joined in the battle against the virus with extreme selflessness. These people’s actions touch all the people’s hearts. With unified strength, now China has got the outbreak under control. However, the virus is spreading rapidly in other countries around the world. So China is ready to offer assistance to those affected countries. And we believe we will achieve the final victory!In this special time, schools have delayed the opening. However, school suspension doesn’t mean stop studying. On the contrary, we should study much harder than ever to make greater contributions to our country in the future.

  English speech: Unity is Power

  Speaker: Zhao Weiheng, Class 8, Grade 9

  Instructor: Wang Shudan

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