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CFLS students' Speech Series Report 5 - Never Lose Hope

(Summary description)

CFLS students' Speech Series Report 5 - Never Lose Hope

(Summary description)

  I am Feng Yuting, a student who is from Class 2 Grade 9 of Changchun Foreigh Language School.

  We spent a different festival, which was full of fear and love; We have known some selfless heroes with bravery and dedication, working hard in Wu Han; We have seen a responsible country trying her best to overcome this kind of dangerous novel coronavirus. Staying at home alone, I saw thousands of people lost their lives, I saw those doctors and nurses sparing no effort to cure the disease at the risk of losing their lives. Some of them died, but their immortal soul will live in my heart forever. Their faithful spirit will be in my heart forever. They are always devoted to saving lives. They are without doubt the greatest people during this war without guns or bombs!

  Facing this serious disease, I believe China has the ability to overcome it. As spring comes, I know that hope will spread all over the world.

  English speech: Never Lose Hope

  Speaker: Feng Yuting, Class 2, Grade 9

  Instructor: Yin Lili

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