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CFLS students' Speech Series Report 6 - Stay strong, China!

(Summary description)

CFLS students' Speech Series Report 6 - Stay strong, China!

(Summary description)

  My name is Yang Weixuan from Class 2 Grade 7 of Changchun Foreign Language School.

  The streets of cities, which should be prosperous, are empty. Shops are closed. Schools are also closed. The epidemic spread rapidly. This is a war without smoke. People are helpless. Panic spread around the country.

  Suddenly, the beautiful angels in white came into sight. They bid farewell to their hometown. The simple luggage is full of courage and fortitude. Masks can't hide their beauty. They are just ordinary people. To fight the epidemic, parents leave their children and couples get separated. They are mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, sons and daughters, and also warriors! They are the greatest heroes of China!

  With the support of the Chinese central government, we have won a series of victories. More and more patients recovered and went back home. And we have just got the news that Wuhan closed its last makeshift hospital, after all 15 such hospitals were cleared of patients on March 10th, which is the most exciting news to us all!

  We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all of you, we will surely win the war. Stay strong, China!

  English speech: Stay strong, China!

  Speaker: Yang Weixuan, Class 2, Grade 7

  Instructor: Chen Yong

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