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Principal - Wang Hao

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  Wang Hao is the seventh Principal of Changchun Foreign Language (Experimental) School. He began his term in July 2016. In July 2002, he served as the Vice Principal of Jilin Provincial Experimental School. In March 2011, he served as the secretary of the Party Committee of Changchun Foreign Language (Experimental) School. In August 2014, he served as the Principal of Jilin Provincial Experimental School.

  Wang Hao, Han nationality, born in February 1968, is a member of the Communist Party of China with a Master's Degree and a Full-Senior Teacher. After graduating from Northeast Normal University in 1989, he joined the staff in Jilin Provincial Department of Education and participated in the investigation and formulation of major educational policies in the province many times. As the main author, he has participated in the drafting and formulation of the relevant documents of the major educational conference of the whole province and the educational program of Jilin Province since 1993.

  Since taking part in the work, Wang has been appraised as Provincial level advanced workers for many times. In 2018, he was appraised as a person enjoying the special government allowance of the State Council; he was awarded the title of "May 1st" Labor Medal of Jilin Province, an Expert Principal of Jilin Province, a young and middle-aged professional and technical talent in Jilin Province, and a famous research-oriented principal in Jilin Province. In 2019, he was rated as a Model Worker in Jilin Province.

  Over the years, Principal Wang Hao has not forgotten his original intentions and forged ahead with innovation, taking "national spirit, international vision" as his educational concept. Our school intends to train Chinese people facing the world, strengthen students' cross-cultural comprehension, and enhance students' global competence. In 2018, "Research and Practice to Cultivate Students' Global Competence" won the first prize of Jilin Province Teaching Achievement, forming an inexhaustible driving force for the school's continuous upward development. The Principal firmly advocates that schools should build on and develop high-quality educational resources, conscientiously practice effective ways of running schools characterized by basic education, and insist on calm thinking of educational values and relentless pursuit of educational ideas. Education should be based on the construction of high morality and construct a new model for the common growth of teachers and students, physically and mentally. His educational thoughts and practices have a strong leading role in the construction and development of our school.

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